Water Conservation is so Rock-n-Roll

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lb-water-rock-clubWhat happens when you combine Rock-n-Roll and Water Conservation?

You get students from Wilson High School forming bands to create their own water conservation rock songs to be performed at the Long Beach Water Rocks festival next month! It’s Battle of the Bands, Water Conservation Style, and a concert that’s not to be missed! The festival and competition will rock out on November 21 from noon to 4 p.m., at Wilson High School.

Wilson High, in partnership with The Rock Club, is giving students an experience of a lifetime and audiences an opportunity to support water conservation while they share in the fun.

The Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) is sponsoring the event as part of its ongoing effort to reach out to people of all ages to encourage them to use water in efficient and responsible ways. LBWD supports the Long Beach community by offering a diverse array of programs that serve to educate people how to save water at their homes, businesses, and schools.

“This program and event provides us with the perfect opportunity to educate our city’s younger residents on the numerous benefits of water conservation,” said Kevin Wattier, General Manager of the Long Beach Water Department. “By engaging our younger generations at an earlier age, we significantly increase the likelihood that they will grow up to be intelligent and responsible users of water,” continued Wattier.

The Rock Club LLC is a membership-based program which encourages musicians of all ages and abilities. Over a period of several weeks, a group of students from Wilson High will be placed in bands, choose the songs they want to play each week, provided with professional instruments by Kaman Music and coached by a professional and seasoned musician, meeting daily after school. Each band will have to compose, collaborate, perform their set list, and also perform their version of a water conservation song while being judged by a panel of executives from the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners, as well as other elite panelists. The winning band will be supplied with new musical equipment from The Rock Club.net. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to conduct the same kind of event at additional LBUSD schools in the future.

“The vision of this program is to educate the youth about water conservation, and what better way than through music,” said Frank McIlquham, director of The Rock Club.net.

Tickets are $7 per person (or $9 at the door on the day) and can be purchased at Wilson High School. Wilson High School is located 4400 E 10th St, Long Beach, CA 90804. If you’re planning on attending, don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs and blankets…it’s festival style seating!

Long Beach Water is an urban, Southern California retail water supply agency, and the standard in water conservation and environmental stewardship.

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