West Basin Municipal Water District Recognizes State Senator Ted Lieu as its Legislator of the Year

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ted lieu for california senate

Sen. Ted Lieu

West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) has presented State Senator Ted Lieu with its esteemed Legislator of the Year award at its regular Board meeting on Monday, July 23, 2012. Senator Lieu has been a supporter of West Basin’s water recycling and conservation legislation and programs since his election to the legislature in 2005.

“Water conservation and preparing today for tomorrow’s needs is a top priority,” Lieu said. “I look forward to continuing my work with the West Basin Municipal Water District to raise public awareness about the need for recycling and water conservation.”

A supporter of West Basin’s Water Reliability 2020 program since it began in 2008, Senator Lieu has been a staunch advocate for the use of recycled water and conservation throughout California and has been a leader in promoting green technology through his “green building standards” legislation.

In 2011, Senator Lieu provided unwavering support for West Basin’s election to the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, on which the agency proudly serves today. Senator Lieu continued his support for local water rate payers by working with regional stakeholders and opposing threats to the uniform replenishment rate in the West Coast and Central Basins.

“Senator Lieu is a true champion of water issues for the coastal L.A. area and understands the need to diversify water supplies to ensure future water reliability for the region,” said Board President Donald L. Dear.

West Basin’s award-winning Water Reliability 2020 program is a plan to reduce our dependence on imported water in half by the year 2020. Currently 65% of our local water supply, imported water will be reduced to roughly 35% of our water supply portfolio, with an emphasis on new, locally controlled supplies. Local supplies include conserved water, recycled water, and eventually desalinated water.

Senator Lieu currently represents the 26th Senate District and most recently represented the 28th District prior to re-districting. He was recently recognized by the national publication Governing magazine as one of the top 12 lawmakers “worth watching.”

West Basin Municipal Water District is committed to water reliability, water quality, sound financial and resource management, customer service, and environmental stewardship. West Basin is a recognized, international leader in the production of recycled water and has won several awards for its leadership, water recycling and water resource management. West Basin provides more than 30 million gallons of recycled water throughout the South Bay each day, replacing enough precious drinking water to supply 60,000 households annually. To learn more, visit www.westbasin.org.

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