Westerly School Visual Art Exhibition, Poetic Images Celebrated the Works of Students

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Westerly School Unveiled “Poetic Images” Visual Art Exhibition

Neil Kinney, and Megan, 3rd grade

Westerly School unveiled its second annual Visual Art Exhibition, entitled Poetic Images this week in the Pinckert Family Art Studio on the Westerly campus. The exhibition celebrated the exquisite work and performance art of Westerly’s kindergarten through fifth grade artists, under the instruction and direction of Mr. Kevin Doherty, Westerly’s lower school art instructor and his wife, Penelope. Westerly’s goal was to give these passionate young artists a stage and gallery to celebrate a year’s worth of hard work. For more information about Westerly School, please visit www.westerlyschool.org.

Westerly School Unveiled “Poetic Images” Visual Art Exhibition

Leang Horn and Richard, 5th grade

Chris Rodenhizer, Head of School, said, “Teaching and celebrating the visual arts is such a big part of our program here at Westerly. This event was just one more way we celebrate, as a community, the unique qualities of our school.

Westerly School had 150 people attend the unveiling of over 100 works on display. The art showcased a variety of expressive and colorful paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and mixed media installations, all sharing a distinct poetic tonality, conveying the unique personal life and inner world of each artist.

“Poetic Images was such a fun event. Mr. Doherty took so much time to make us feel special. He definitely made me feel special,” said 5th grader, Isabella Casillas.

Neil Kinney, Board Chair and current parent, said, “An art exhibition of this caliber, representing artists so young, leaves me refreshed and inspired and brings joy to my heart.”

To learn more about Westerly School or schedule an appointment to tour our campus, please visit www.westerlyschool.org or call (562) 981-3151.

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