Westerly Student’s Make New Friends by Hosting a Group of Visiting Chinese Students

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Westerly Student’s host Visiting Chinese Students

Group Photo of Westerly Student’s and visiting Chinese Students

Westerly student’s had a fantastic cultural experience as the school has hosted small groups of Chinese students over the past couple weeks. The Chinese students are visiting beautiful California in hopes of improving their English, gaining a better understanding of the United States Education system and doing a little sightseeing in their free time.

Friday, February 15, 2013 proved extra special as the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students agreed to open the school, which was closed for a 4-day weekend, and host the Chinese students for the day. Director of Student Affairs, David Perram agreed to help facilitate the day with a “back seat approach”, the Middle School Leadership students would decide the activities and schedule They set out on a plan to break down the language barrier by engaging everyone through a variety of academic and recreation activities that they, the students, find to be the most enriching.

Students spent their morning breaking into intercontinental groups and building contraptions to support an egg from breaking while being thrown against a wall. They played “Simon Says” with musical instruments, engaged in teambuilding exercises that involved critical thinking and collaboration and of course ended the day with some good old-fashioned dodge ball.

“It was great making new friends today. We exchanged emails at the end of the day and now I have friends all the way in China. The activities we did made it easier to communicate and easier to become friends” said 6th grader Kelsea Kinney.

Director of Student Affairs, David Perram stated; “it was an incredible day to experience. I was amazed at the way students knocked down language barriers through using their nonverbal communication. The students worked together, built friendships and shared laughs all with minimal understanding of each other’s languages. Truly a memorable experience for all involved.

Experiences like this are what reinforce the name “International City” to wonderful Long Beach, California.

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