Need sand bags? Long Beach provides 10 free bags and sand to DIY

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lbfd helps fill sand bagsWhen the rain starts falling it’s Long Beach Fire Department to the rescue. The City of Long Beach, through LBFD, is making sand and bags  available at five stations throughout the city.

Residents can get up to 10 free sand bags for free from one of these fire stations. Each location also has sand available so residents can fill their bags at no cost. If stations run out of either bags or sand, additional information will be posted here so residents can find alternate locations.

  • 2295 Elm Avenue (Station No. 7)
  • 6509 Gundry Avenue (Station No. 12)
  • 2475 Adriatic Avenue (Station No. 13)
  • 5200 Eliot Street (Station No. 14)
  • 7575 E. Wardlow Road (Station No. 5)

Bring your own shovel, and be prepared to fill your own bags. (For instructions on how to fill sandbags, visit (

Seniors, or others unable to fill their own bags, may be able to obtain pre-filled sand bags at the Senior Center at El Dorado Park West, 2800 Studebaker Road (562) 570-3227, or the Long Beach Senior Center, 1150 East Fourth Street (562) 570-3500. Please call the senior centers to confirm availability and eligibility requirements.

Remember, do NOT take sand from the beach! After the storms have passed, sand can be returned to the Public Works Yard. It is illegal to dump sand at the beach or in the gutter.

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