Willie McGinest Appears on Video to Promote Poly High School

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long beach poly high school videoPoly High School has teamed up with Time Warner and a former National Football League star on a new video promoting the school.

Poly High School alum and former NFL great Willie McGinest introduces the video, “It All Happens at Poly,” which includes several interviews with school leaders, staff and students.  The seven-minute video provides descriptions of various academic offerings at Poly, including details on the school’s Smaller Learning Communities.

The video was funded by a federal grant supporting Poly’s Pacific Rim Academy.

McGinest played on the three-time, Superbowl-winning New England Patriots.  He notes that Poly has produced more NFL players than any high school in the nation and has sent even more students to Ivy League colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

“My career started right here at Long Beach Poly High School,” McGinest says. “With innovative academic programs, and dedicated teachers and coaches, Poly High School has prepared me for life both on and off the football field.  Poly is one of the best schools in the nation.”

Read more information on programs at Poly and all LBUSD high schools, or click through to watch the video.

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