Wilmore 9 Teams With Music Saves Lives to host Annual Film, Music, and Art Festival

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On August 3-4, 2013 Wilmore 9 will host its first annual Film, Music, and Art Festival in partnership with Music Saves Lives.

The festival will begin at noon and end at 10 pm on both August 3, 2013 and August 4, 2013 in Downtown Long Beach at East Pine Avenue between 6th and 8th Street.

The vision of the Wilmore 9 Festival is to eventually expand to all 9 districts of Long Beach over a 9 day period. The festival’s team is a young, enthusiastic group, each with emotional ties to the city. The team plans to raise awareness and inspire future generations of local artist with the hopes that these young minds will give back to their community in positive and tangible ways.

John Case, Director and visionary of Wilmore 9, says, “Within 5 years we want to make Wilmore 9 the largest festival on the west coast. We want to celebrate and embrace the rich cultural diversity of Long Beach and go big with an annual summer festival that will assault and inspire all the senses.”

The Wilmore 9 2013 Festival will include two full day’s worth of memorable activities and performances including 40+ live bands on three main stages and one acoustic stage, 30+ films in ten theaters including three world premieres, a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer garden, an assortment of popular food trucks, a skate park, contemporary art, do-it-yourself crafters, comedians, and a variety of other on-site activities and vendors.

Wilmore 9 is honored to be screening The Game Don’t Change, a documentary endorsed by Snoop Dogg, which promotes the anti-gang movement in Long Beach.

Wilmore 9 will feature Batwings Catwings, Dynamos, Last American Buffalo, and many other artists including the Grammy award-winning band Quetzal.

We are excited to welcome Miguel Happoldt, founder and owner of Skunk records, the original label of Sublime and Slighty Stoopid, to give out the award for Best Music Video.

Wilmore 9 will feature 15 renowned West Coast-based artists, including artwork by Aaron Noble; a mural and flatwork artists who specializes in abstractions in the style of graphic novel illustrations. His work has been featured in the Hammer Museum and the Dartmouth University Collection.

Tickets for Wilmore 9 can be can be purchased for $20-$40 (VIP also available) at www.wilmore9.com Tickets will also be available at the gate.

About Wilmore 9: In 1880 Flint, Bixby & Co (a sheep raising firm) sold 4,000 acres of the Rancho Los Cerritos estate to William E. Willmore. William subdivided the land in hopes of creating a farm community called Willmore City. He failed. The land was then bought by a Los Angeles syndicate called the ‘Long Beach Land and Water Company.’ They referred to the community as Long Beach and in 1897 it became official. 9 is in representation of the 9 districts making up the beautiful city of Long Beach. But why only one ‘L’ in Wilmore? Though supportive of our city’s history, we still have to keep our own unique identity. For more information about Wilmore 9, please call (562) 285-9644 or visit www.wilmore9.com.

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