Board the Wine Tasting Trolley for vino and vintage Long Beach

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wine tasting trolleyOn Friday night, the Wine Tasting Trolley will roll from the Wine Down Lounge at the historic Breakers and The Sky Room restaurant mixing old world charm with something new: a flight of rare boutique wines and tips from the pros.

Jonathon Rosenson, The Sky Room sommelier, will pour wine and share insider tips about each selection while guests enjoy gourmet treats on the “finest chinette money can buy.”

Trolleys With a Twist

The Wine Tasting Trolley allows guests to explore the brand new Wine Down Lounge: a modern establishment with a history. In its heyday, it was a celebrity haunt for Hollywood’s A-List — Bogie and Bacall, Clark Gable, Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, Cary Grant and, Liz Taylor.

Travel hidden Long Beach and see what vino and vintage Long Beach have a lot in common. (Hint: they’re both works of art.) The Wine Tasting Trolley will roll past Art Deco landmarks reinvented as restaurants, galleries, shops, concerts, art exhibits and museums.

Liz Anderson, Event planner for the Wine Tasting Trolley, calls Long Beach “the very picture of reinvention.”

“It’s worth celebrating,” says Anderson. “This city has a colorful past and a bright future. Old fashioned trollies celebrate both, making the road trip easier and a lot more fun.”

The evening doesn’t end when the trolley stops. Wine-tasting guests are invited upstairs to The Sky Room for a bonus drink and a 360-degree view of the Long Beach sky. It opened in 1926, but like all classics, This Art-Deco wonder is ageless.

Meet the Wine Tasting Trolley at the Station

The Wine Tasting Trolley will host two tasting events this summer on July 30 and August 13. Tickets, $35, include a flight of wine tastings and gourmet treats.

Guests will meet at Wine Tasting Trolley Station located at 210 East Ocean Boulevard. The mobile wine tasting lasts one hour and departs at 6:30 p.m. sharp.

Reserve a space on the trolley by calling The Sky Room (562) 983-2703.

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