Winter Fun for Kids: Science Camps at El Dorado Nature Center

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things to do for kids at nature centerLong Beach kids are invited to take part in great winter vacation fun exploring the plants and animals that live at the El Dorado Nature Center, or are just passing through on their way south for the winter. LB Parks and Recreation staff will lead kids in fun, science oriented workshops during the winter break from December 21-31.

Classes may be purchased individually. Kids will experience a different nature-themed activity each day. Here is the schedule:

Party at the Pond: (Monday, December 21) The Nature Center pond is a happenin’ place, so come join the fun. All your friends will be there- turtles, frogs, fish and insects. Be ready to explore the world of the pond and see what all the buzz is about.

Mud Mania: (Tuesday, December 22) It’s squishy, icky, gooey and so much fun. Join us at the Nature Center as we make mud puddles, pies and pictures. Prepare to get dirty! Wear old clothes and bring a towel.

Yoga for Kids: (Wednesday, December 23) Coyote pose, Rabbit pose, Tree pose-Movement and fun, stretching and strengthening. We’ll walk the trails looking for animals, listen to stories and have fun with animal and nature yoga poses.

Extreme Hunter: (Thursday, December 24) Discover why hawks, falcons and owls are such lethal predators, perched atop the food chain at El Dorado Nature Center. We’ll explore how these stealthy raptors are able to hunt during the day, as well in the dead of night.

A Bug’s Life: (Monday, December 28) Discover the incredible world of insects. Learn about what they eat, how they survive and their cool and unusual defenses. Meet some insect friends and make your very own squirmy bug creation to bring home.

Crash! Boom! Honk!: (Tuesday, December 29) Join us as we play and build our own musical instruments from natural and recycled materials. Then hold your ears as we create our very own marching band for a parade around the Nature Center.

Endangered Feces: (Wednesday, December 30) Icky, stinky, smelly – scat gets no respect. We’ll go on the most-unusual “treasure” hunt to discover what, who and how animals eat at the Nature Center.

Nature’s Language: (Thursday, December 31) Mariposa? Farfalla? Paruparo? Or how about butterfly? Every language has words for things in nature. Join us for a trip around the world, or trails, to learn new ways to identify some unusual sights and sounds.

Morning sessions from 9:30-11:30 am are for K-1st Grade students. Afternoon sessions from 1-3 p.m. are for 2nd-4th Grade students. Fee is $10 per class. Class size is limited and workshops fill up fast.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops, so sign up early by calling the Nature Center at (562) 570-1745. El Dorado Nature Center is located at 7550 E. Spring Street in Long Beach.

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