Work furloughs lead school janitor into rapping

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kei-shon-son get comfyKei-Shon-Son has spent over a decade working lengthy hours while employed as a janitor at Long Beach City College. However, during this time he was evolving his musical skills as a producer and performer. He is now on a classic “rag to riches” quest to go global with his talent. In his latest release, “Get Comfy,” he’s about to trade his custodian’s broom for a microphone and chase the janitor’s American dream.

Kei-Shon-Son has an ability to create catchy verses and tracks right out of thin air. He proved this in his 2010 mix-tape entitled The Janitor’s Dream. His latest single is just one example of this gift. Within “Get Comfy” exists a simple, yet hooky and melodic, message about enjoying the creature comforts in life. Kei-Shon explains, “This is a track about what everyone works hard for – the chance to relax.” With his deep southern roots and his New York influences, “Shon” produces a unique style that crosses genres. “I really wanted to provide quality music for a broad audience,” he says. The result is an eclectic hip hop/rap mix fusing urban with a hint of gospel.

“Get Comfy” represents the emergence of Kei-Shon-Son as a legitimate artist. The recession is a driving force behind his decision to release the track. Along with 500 teachers and staff, Shon was forced from his job due to statewide budget cuts in California. With more time to focus on his music, he concentrated on producing his single. He also has an altruistic goal – to try to help others that have lost their jobs. Twenty percent of the sales of “Get Comfy” will be donated to help save other custodial jobs in Shon’s hometown of Long Beach, California.

Kei-Shon launched a career that is built upon experience and history. His artistic studies began as a teenager while he attended Jordan High School. This school is famous for exporting hip hop and rap stars, producing such acts as Snoop Dogg and Warren G. In addition, Kei-Shon-Son has continued college musical education at the nationally ranked Long Beach City College. With his artistic intelligence and education, Kei-Shon-Son is the entire package as a performer. With hard work, humility and pure talent, he has poised himself to transform from janitor to musical star.

“Get Comfy” sends a message to those affected by the stress of today’s economic recession. It’s a reminder to work hard, but remember to “chillax.” This former custodian’s plan is to sweep-clean the charts with his new single. This janitor’s American dream is becoming a reality for Kei-Shon-Son. So, put down the mop and broom for a while! “Get Comfy” and enjoy some time with your loved ones.

For more information on Kei-Shon-Son visit the Shonnyboy website.

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