Work to Restore Electrical Power Continues Throughout The Night

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The City of Long Beach and Southern California Edison (SCE) continue to respond to power outages resulting from a series of underground fires in electrical vaults. Presently, SCE estimates 2,700 customers remain without power, down from a high of 4,800.  SCE aims to restore power as quickly as is safely possible. SCE resumes retesting the network from 10:00 pm to 12:00 a.m. During retesting, SCE customers who had regained power may experience intermittent outages. After the retest, SCE will continue to work throughout the night on any customers that remain without power. If successful, power to a large section of affected Long Beach residents would be restored.  

The electrical fires occurred Wednesday, July 15 affecting a large area of central and downtown Long Beach.  The fires occurred in several underground electrical vault located downtown. The Emergency Operations Center was activated and Police, Fire, and Public Works resources were deployed as necessary throughout the City. SCE and the City worked throughout the night to address the power outage.  Thursday, July 16 at approximately 12:30 p.m., SCE tested the underground system. Unfortunately, the tests resulted in additional underground fires and power failures. The City of Long Beach and SCE continue to work diligently to resolve the issues.

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