City workshop explains how to get criminal records expunged

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Do you, or someone you know, have an adult or juvenile criminal record that needs clearing?

People seek expungement for a variety of reasons. Some simply wish to remove an embarrassing blot from their personal history or have certain rights reinstated. For others, having a criminal record expunged is required to be eligible for employment.

If you need to have a criminal record expunged, then you’ll want to attend the no-cost Expungement Education Workshop, Monday, August 9, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Center for Working Families, 1900 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90806.

At the workshop, participants will receive pertinent information about expunging criminal records from experts on certificate of rehabilitation; information on expungement of adult convictions and sealing of juvenile records; and assistance with completing required expungement forms.

An expungement sets aside a guilty or no contest plea and dismisses the case. When a criminal record is cleared, it is treated as if it does not exist. There are limits to expungement — for example, some states maintain separate registries for people who have been convicted of child abuse or sex offenses, and expunging a criminal record may not affect those registries. In addition, certain exceptions such as peace officer applications, immigration to some countries, and Department of Justice background checks, may still require past criminal records to be disclosed.

Expungement is typically issued by the court in which a person was convicted of a crime. For a very straightforward self-help tool for those wishing to file a petition on a Long Beach case, visit

For more information on the Expungement Education Workshop, call (562) 570.WORK.

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