LB Artist Turns to Kickstarter to Give his Horror Story a Happy Ending

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The Little Book of Horrors

The Little Book of Horrors project on Kickstarter is accepting donations until July 25.

Have you ever wondered what you might look like as a severed head? Sign up to support artist Paul Yoshida’s new art project The Little Book of Horrors and you could find out. Yoshida is running a Kickstarter project to fund his already-in-progress book of “demented yarns” and backers who pledge $100 or more will be “immortalized” with a custom severed-head portrait in a special section thanking donors.

The Little Book of Horrors is a comic book containing three terrifying tales filled with murder, mayhem, and supernatural revenge. Although a preview of the comic book is already finsihed, Yoshida is using the crowd-funding site to get the money to complete and produce a 48-page, full-color comic book and as well as a DVD with three animated motion comics. 

The Little Book of Horrors fundraising project end July 25, 2012 at 5:55pm PST. If he’s successful in reaching his goal — he’s more than three-quarters of the way there — he plans to have the set ready to release for Halloween. (click here to donate)

Fans don’t have to shell out big bucks to be a patron of the comic arts. Donations as small as $5 will still be gifted with personalized postcards and downloadable comic books. However if you’ve always wanted to be in a horror story, Yoshida is offering several creative rewards for enthusiastic backers with deep pockets. Check out the updates on his Kickstarter page for details about getting a 6-8 page horror story or motion comic starring you and a friend for just $750 or $1250 respectively. (Kickstarter link)

Long Beach artist Paul Yoshida studied art and film-making at USC. You can find a sampling of his work online at

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