Long Beach Band ‘Z’ Debuts With New Name, New Album — And It’s Free

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ARIZE – The Prequel

Self-produced and digitally released by Z, the 7-track album embraces their progressive Pop and Hip Hop sound.

Best-known as the premier live band for Hip Hop icon Nas, Z, formally known as Mulatto, announces their new Pop/Hip Hop album “ARIZE – The Prequel”. Self-produced and digitally released by Z, the 7-track album embraces their progressive Pop and Hip Hop sound and is available as a free “name your price” music download on their website http://www.iBelieveinZ.com.

“The Promise” is the album’s leading single; a mid-tempo track with lyrics that affirm patience and tenacity, sung by lead vocalist Eddie Cole. A four-minute music video for “The Promise” infuses Z’s website, Bandcamp, and Facebook pages. “ARIZE – The Prequel” is the first music project launched under the band’s new name. 

Z’s name and symbol is comprised of inverse numeral 7’s to form the letter Z. This denotes their collective wisdom, strength, and complexity.

“We chose the name Z because it’s not just a name, and the imagery can represent us in a few ways,” said Tom Terrell, trumpeter/keyboardist. “It stands for the omega, as in the alpha and omega, beginning and end. The ‘end’ suggests transformation, so we, in essence, represent transformation.”

Since changing their name, Z hopes to introduce their music to a new audience and recapture the momentum from the loyal fan base in their community. Z hosts a free jam session at the Factory in Bixby Knolls to promote their new album and upcoming projects. Weekly performances feature various up-and-coming musicians throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

Z is preparing for a two-week-tour in Sydney, Australia as the composers and featured band for the revolutionary magic show “The Illusionists” at the Sydney Opera House. The January production will mark their third trip to Australia, following previous featured performances with Nas and Kanye West on the “Lo-Fi” and “Glow in the Dark” tours.

About Z:

Z is an independent Pop/Hip Hop band from Long Beach, CA comprised of producer and bassist Dustin Moore, drummer Margis Miles, lead vocalist and producer Eddie Cole, and trumpeter and keyboardist, Tom Terrell. The multi-dimensional Z dons a simple and approachable exterior, yet their music exposes their depth and intense musicality.

Grown from an intricate mix of Gospel, Rock, Jazz and R&B, Z fuses their rich individual influences to form the soulful Pop and Hip Hop sound that is all their own. Originally formed in 2005 under the name “Mulatto”, the band was established gradually as they studied in the orchestra, jazz and marching bands at Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

From 2005 to 2008, the band formed a strong local fan base, and was eventually noticed by Hip Hop artist Nas. They appeared on Nas’s “Untitled” album in 2008 and joined him on the “Glow In The Dark” tour with the acclaimed Kanye West. During their collaborative period with Nas, Keri Hilson, Mario, and Lil’ Wayne, Z made television appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Wendy Williams Show.

In 2010, the group joined an international cast and served as the lead band for the “Man in the Mirror” Michael Jackson tribute production.

In 2011, the band assumed the new name, which speaks to their collective maturation and acknowledges their spiritual growth. Two inverse numeral 7’s form the letter Z, which represent their transformation and their boundless sound and vision. Join them on “Planet Z” at http://www.iBelieveinZ.com.

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