Zap Back to The 80s: Party with Past Action Heros This Friday at Bliss 525

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80's Night at Bliss 525

Count your lucky stars you still have that box up in the attic containing all of your favorite things from the 80’s. This Friday night, you’re going to need to dig them out because New Wave is back! This Friday, May 4, 2012, tease up your hair to the max, “press on” some nails and “safety dance” yourself down to Bliss 525 for a flashback night featuring the fun and funky 80’s tribute band, Past Action Heroes.

Bliss 525, a 7000-square-foot bar, restaurant and event space located at 525 East Broadway in Downtown Long Beach that hosts live entertainment 5 nights a week with rockin’ bands, smooth jazz, seasoned musicians and talented new artists will be featuring the Past Action Heroes for a night of music along with day-glo fashions, leg warmers, and gigantic shoulder pads.

Get ready for a crowd-surfing, moon-walking, party-train of a good time with these guys, who embody your favorite crime-fighters from back-in-the-day like Ponch and Magnum PI. The Past Action Heroes will take the stage at Bliss 525 at 9pm sharp, and they are ready to “rock you like a hurricane”, they say while in hot pursuit of who stole the 80’s.

The Past Action Heroes have this to say to their fans:

“If you’re planning on coming to the Bliss 525 show, be prepared to get frisked by the Past Action Heroes. We suspect that anyone could have taken the 80’s… even Grandma.”  –  Poncho Rello

Fun with the Past Action Heroes at Bliss 525

Partying with the Past Action Heroes is a guaranteed fun night out with totally cool renditions of your favorite 80’s hits, a little in-between comedy, and a super-nostalgic audience laughing, dancing and singing along.  To add to the fun, Bliss 525 will be serving dinner and drinks as usual, offering free cover, specials on appetizers and giving away a $25 gift certificate for “Best 80’s Costume.”

By now, you should be planning what to wear that includes bright blue eyeshadow and a Madonna bow, but if that doesn’t get you in the mood for some 80’s fun, maybe this will.

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