Zeppelin will display 185-ft Farmers logo during Southern California Flights

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airship ventures southern california flightsFor second time this year, The Farmers Insurance Group has selected Airship Ventures as a marketing partner, re-branding the hull of the Zeppelin Eureka with the Farmers logo.

“From the start, Farmers has understood Eureka’s diverse capabilities means they can design unmatched integrated marketing efforts in support of the Farmers brand and its causes,” commented Airship Ventures President Brian Hall. “Embarking on our second partnership, we’re eager to surpass the success of the first and continue to provide Farmers with a dynamic platform it can use to communicate and interact with its audiences in unmatched ways.”

The two companies previously partnered in January, when the Farmers Insurance Airship took to the skies above San Diego, providing aerial footage and acting as the ultimate skybox for passengers above the Farmers Insurance Open PGA Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines. The success of this partnership, which exposed the Farmers brand to millions via TV coverage of the tournament on CBS and other networks around the globe, and the ability for Farmers to leverage the airship as a beacon of hospitality and community commitment to thousands of employees and customers on-site and in the region, prompted the second airship branding.

“This is the ultimate billboard for Farmers, showcasing our brand for miles,” commented Kevin Kelso, Chief Marketing Officer of Farmers Insurance Group Inc. “Whether its flying over sporting events or flying over community-based fundraisers, the Farmers Airship will be a larger-than-life reminder of Farmers commitment to the communities we serve.”

Under the terms of the current partnership, the Farmers brand will remain on Eureka’s hull through June. During this time Airship Ventures will continue to operate its regularly scheduled passenger flights above San Francisco, Los Angeles, Monterey and San Diego, as well as special routes above Farmers Insurance Group sponsored events.

Additionally, the two companies are working to develop promotions and programs that will integrate their unique strengths, including ways to combine Farmers’ on-the-ground expertise with the airship’s capabilities as a stable scientific, observation and communication platform, in support of emergency management planning and disaster prevention and relief efforts.

The Largest Logo to Fly Over Southern California

Unveiled last week, Eureka features the largest logo ever used in Farmers’ history. Larger than most homes, the decal is comprised of 697 sheets of vinyl totaling almost 4,850 square feet and measuring approximately 185 feet long by 30 feet high on either side of the Zeppelin. The iconic blue and red Farmers shield measures 30 feet high by 50 feet wide, while the 17-foot tall letters spelling out the company name stretch over 105 feet. Fresh from her annual four-week-long maintenance, Eureka flew the Farmers brand above the San Francisco Bay Area for a brief stretch of test flights before flying to Long Beach, garnering attention and exposing the Farmers brand to millions throughout California.

Upon arriving in Long Beach, the airship began two-weeks of flightseeing tours above Southern California. In addition to its signature Los Angeles-area routes, Eureka will fly a special series of Easter weekend flights in San Diego, as well as take to the skies above several community events in-conjunction with Farmers during this period, weather permitting. Excluding transit flights and the pilot experience, passengers who buy one ticket for a one-hour or longer weekday flight will save 50 percent off a second.

Take a Zeppelin Flight

Stretching 15-feet longer than a 747 and 50-feet longer than the largest blimp, Eureka is the world’s largest airship. One of only three Zeppelins currently operating in the world, the airship offers passengers spectacular 360-degree views of the sights on flightseeing tours above Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, Monterey and San Diego.

For more information about Airship Venture’s Zeppelin Eureka, or to view a detailed flight schedule and purchase tickets, visit www.airshipventures.com, or call 650-969-8100 x111.

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